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James Walker

Application of causal loop methods for client insight and action

Theme: Approach/school/theory
Area: Coaching
Type: Research and how to apply it in practice
Keywords: Coaching methodology, objective insight, Ccient strategy development, supervision input

Session on Wednesday, Jul 11th, 10:25
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This session will present an adaption of socio-gram and causal loop modeling to assist coaching clients to explore relationships within their organisation, with their external stakeholders and others. The approach helps relationships to be seen more objectively so that feelings, perceptions and behavioural observations can be identified and classified. In this way a model of the client’s relationships is developed which can form part of strategy going forward. The model is in a sense the client’s 360 degree survey, produced by him/herself and involving a wide range of contacts including some who are only indirectly associated with the client, through reputation and hearsay. When initially established, the model is used to develop strategies to achieve the client’s objectives by applying causal principles such as the anticipated effects throughout the model of particular interventions by the client. In this way the client can assess alternatives strategies and, in particular, continually assess their effectiveness. The session will demonstrate the approach, discuss the research which underpins its current form and provide hand-on experience with a simulated case study.


James Walker is an Australian based executive and business team coach and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in Melbourne. He was a faculty member of the University of Southern California and the Graduate School of Business of American University and consulted for World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and government and commercial sector clients. He has published and presented on organisational, systems and psychology topics.

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