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Doug Strycharczyk & Peter Clough

Assessing and developing mindset and mental toughness

Theme: Return on Investment
Area: Coaching & mentoring
Type: Research and how it has been used in practice
Keywords: Mental toughness, mindset, resilience, positive psychology, performance, wellbeing

Session on Tuesday, Jul 10th, 15:25
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Mental Toughness is an important concept which has four, well evidenced, core constructs- Control, Commitment, Challenge and Confidence. Research shows it is strongly linked to Attainment, Well-being, Aspiration and Positive Behaviour. Widely used, in over 80 countries, in Coaching and Mentoring at all levels it embraces notions such as Mindset, Grit and Learned Optimism. The associated psychometric measure supports both diagnosis and evidence based practice.

Learning Objectives:
1. To Understand Mental Toughness and use the concept to understand clients and organisations
2. To understand the theoretical underpinning and how the Concept links with other important theories and concepts
3. To understand how to assess Mental Toughness to evince change and to evaluate ROI
3. To understand how to use the framework to optimise mindset and behaviour in clients
4. To understand how to develop evidence based practice

Attendees will be provided with an opportunity to complete the Mental Toughness Questionnaire, a well evidenced psychometric, free of charge.


Doug Strycharczyk is the CEO of for AQR International. Founded in 1989, AQR is now recognised as one of the most innovative test publishers in the world. AQR established its reputation as a thought leader in resilience and mindset. In recent years, Doug has worked with Professor Peter Clough to define mental toughness and to create the world’s leading measure of mental toughness. Doug is now recognised as a leading authority on the application of mental toughness to the worlds of work, education, and coaching applications.

Professor Peter Clough is a Chartered Sport and Exercise psychologist and a Chartered Occupational psychologist. He is a Professor of Psychology at Huddersfield University in the UK having previously been at Manchester Metropolitan University. Prior to that he was for five years Head of the Psychology Deptartment at the University of Hull. His main academic interests are in performance in high pressure environments.

Doug Strycharczyk and Professor Peter Clough are the authors of ‘Developing Mental Toughness – Coaching Strategies to develop Performance, Resilience and wellbeing’ (Kogan Page 2016). Translated into Chinese, Arabic, Polish and Romanian this is a global bestselling text on the subject

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