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Karsten Drath

Helping leaders cope with crises – an Introduction to the FiRE-Model of resilience

Theme: Related fields
Area: Approach/school/theory
Type: Research and how to apply it in practice
Keywords: Resilient leadership, self-leadership, coping, resilience, leadership

Session on Tuesday, Jul 10th, 16:50
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As a manager, you are expected to be creative, make decisions and lead people in order to make your company successful. Although this gives you a lot of room for manoeuvre and a sense of satisfaction, it also creates a great deal of pressure: an overfull schedule, numerous business trips and very little real leisure time determine the pace of your life. Responsibility for the company, the employees and your own career often weighs heavily on your shoulders.

A new key competence of today’s managers is therefore considered to be their ability to withstand this pressure, their so-called resilience. Resilience is understood to be people’s ability to deal constructively with the pressure to perform, to cope with changes and crises, to remain capable of acting and, and ultimately, even to emerge stronger from all of this. Part of this skill is innate, but much of it can be acquired.
For this reason, we have spent the past ten years – following extensive research and continuous ongoing development – developing the FiRE Model of Resilience, whose individual levels are analysed and processed during coaching sessions or workshops. The acronym FiRE stands for Factors Improving Resilience Effectiveness.


Karsten Drath is a managing partner at Leadership Choices, As an executive coach, he works with top managers of global enterprises and for organisations such as the Center for Creative Leadership (Brussels), the World Economic Forum (Geneva) and the Kellogg Business School. As an author, Karsten has published several books on the subject of leadership, resilience and coaching, including ‘Resilient Leadership: Beyond myths and misunderstandings’. As a speaker, he shares his personal experiences as a manager and coach with an international audience, combined with insights from research on resilience and leadership skills in the face of pressure, uncertainty and complexity.

Karsten has been testing the limits of his own resilience for nearly two decades now. As a consultant and manager of international units in large organisations, he led large departments through periods of substantial change and was also affected by major upheaval himself. During his time as head of the European consulting business at a US-based multinational information technology corporation, he led the acquisition and integration of various international companies into a single new business unit. He has completed a number of marathons and triathlons.

Karsten is an accredited Master Practitioner coach with EMCC.

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