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Sonata Kucinskaite

How managers use organisational mentoring

Theme: Approach/school/theory
Area: Mentoring
Type: Research (completed) and how to apply it in practice

Keywords: Organisational mentoring, mentoring programmes, role of manager, organisational culture, microclimate

Session on Tuesday, Jul 10th, 15:25
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Organisations, when developing mentoring practices, create a culture of learning organisation. Mentoring helps to not only reveal the potential of employees, but also to help them to achieve their organisational goals coping with emerging challenges and increasing engagement of employees. The study sought to look at the role of the head teacher and opportunities in the mentoring process. Is the mentoring process managed and how? What do organisations expect from mentors? What measures do they provide? How are mentors selected? How is the mentoring process valued? What additional goals can the mentor seek to achieve through mentoring? How does the mentoring process affect the organisation’s microclimate? During the session, we will review the results of the study and examples of applying it in practice.


Sonata Kucinskaite is an organisational mentoring Consultant, Mentor, Educator. For seven years she was a programme manager in the European Social Fund Agency in Lithuania. As a manager she was interested in the mentoring system, because she always had the mentors and mentees in her team. It was a start of her researches in the organisational mentoring field. She was interested in how mentoring is used in business, public sector, schools, non-profit organisations etc. Later, together with Professor Dr R Želvys she published the article about her research ‘Management of the Mentoring Process in Vilnius City Secondary Schools.

Sonata established three mentoring clubs (two for mentors, one for managers). Also, she was a lecturer at conferences and training schools, made a presentation for managers about the practice of the mentoring system in the office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, she shared her ideas about mentoring on the national radio. Now she lives and deepens her knowledge about mentoring in Luxembourg.

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