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Agnieszka Zawadzka

The power of positivity – how to develop positive emotionality among employees in the coaching process

Theme: Approach/school/theory
Area: Coaching
Type: Research (on-going)

Session on Tuesday, Jul 10th, 16:50
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What is positivity and why do employees need it at work? Can the experience of positive emotions permanently change their experience of work for the better, increasing their quality? After over 20 years of research, Dr Barbara L. Fredrickson presented results describing numerous benefits of the development of positive emotionality. According to The Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions, positive emotions are accompanied not only with a feeling of pleasure, but also with many positive changes in intellectual, physical, social and psychological resources (Fredrickson, 2003). At the workshop we will discuss each of these four areas, and present how coaches can support the development of their organisational clients – so that they can flourish, experience more happiness in daily work, and better fulfil their career goals. During the workshop participants will learn specific techniques to enhance the client’s coaching resources by experiencing and developing positive emotions.


Agnieszka Zawadzka conducts trainings on the development of managerial and leadership skills, social competences, personal development, emotional intelligence and increasing well-being. Co-author of the PERMA model of coaching, which is used to attain well-being using the Model of Values in Action (VIA). As a trainer and coach she specialises in the creation of development programmes based on positive psychology and research results (Positive Psychology Coaching – PCC; Evidence Based Coaching – EBC). She is a lecturer at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland; a member of the Scientific and Research Team in Centre for Coaching and Mentoring at Kozminski University in Poland; co-ordinator of seminars dedicated for coaching practitioners ‘How to use positive psychology coaching’; member of the Polish Association of Positive Psychology; member of EMCC Poland; speaker and expert on many Polish and international scientific conferences; and the author of scientific articles in the field of positive psychology and management. She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation, which deals with the study of Positive Psychological Capital (PsyCap) among employees of the organisation and its relation with the efficiency of attaining of work goals and well-being.

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