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Linbert Spencer OBE

Keynote: how to create inclusive environments

Session on Tuesday, Jul 10th, 13:30
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The current, and for me, welcome focus on equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion has caused a flurry of activity in private, public and not-for-profit organisations. Sadly, much of the activity will fail to have the impact it should for a variety of reasons that I will seek to address in this keynote session. There are three key areas where I believe organisations are missing the mark and therefore not getting the returns they should from the investments they make in the equality and diversity agenda.

1. Few organisations understand or appreciate the difference between equal opportunity and diversity
2. There is little or no understanding of the need for, and by extension how to develop, a strategic approach to addressing diversity issues
3. There is a lack of appreciation as to how to create an inclusive environment in which diversity is valued.

During the session we will explore the interplay between research, or a lack of it, and the three points above.


Linbert Spencer OBE is one of the founder directors of The Centre for Inclusive Leadership and has over 40 years experience as a consultant and trainer specialising in inclusion, leadership, performance management, personal development and coaching. He’s worked as a consultant with/been advisor to the British Council, the National Audit Office, the Food Standard Agency, London First, London Docklands Development Corporation, FCO, Cabinet Office, the Security Services, the MOD and both Houses of Parliament on leadership and inclusion & diversity issues. He’s also worked as a diversity/inclusion coach to permanent secretaries of two major UK government departments and a senior executive of a global investment Bank.

Linbert is a former professional actor; international athlete – competed for Great Britain in the decathlon; television presenter – co-presented the first two series of the Open College’s one-hour live magazine programmes on network television. He’s appeared on many other television and radio programmes, including two appearances on BBC Television’s Question Time, has contributed to a number of publications, and is a prolific public speaker.

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