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Kaj Hellbom

Organisational coaching – the new frontline

Theme: Approach/school/theory
Area: Coaching
Type: Research and how to apply it in practice
Keywords: Coaching, learning agility, positive change, leadership culture, organizational change, learning

Session on Wednesday, Jul 11th, 10:25
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More speed, more complexity, more inter-dependency – the world around our organisations is changing in radical and unprecedented ways. Organisations are looking for ways to build up their capabilities to meet the challenges of globalisation, digitalisation, and scalability. – What can coaching offer here? Individual coaching has always its place, but it does not necessarily reach out wide enough. We also do more and more team coaching and its impact can be quite big. But to really be able to tackle the challenges ahead we need an organisational approach to coaching, we need Organisational Coaching (OC). This means that we need to be prepared for building coaching interventions on a larger systemic scale. OC is coaching focused on the whole organisation. Partnering with the client means here partnering with the change needs and ambitions of the whole organisation.


Kaj Hellbom is chairman of the BCI Business Coaching Institute and a renowned expert on coaching and leadership. Kaj provides coaching and development services for Nordic and Global companies and workshops for major conference providers worldwide. Kaj has been central in building up the coaching industry in Finland and in Northern Europe. He served as the president of the first coaching association in Finland. Kaj is passionate about positive leadership and positive team and organizational development. He is the co-author of two books, Leadership Now and The Development and Growth of the Coaching Industry. The latest publication, an article on Positive Team Coaching (co-authored with Diane Brennan) appeared in Industrial & Commercial Training in 2016.

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