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Lisa Baker

A practitioner’s inquiry into the experience of group supervision

Theme: Approach/school/theory
Area: Supervision
Type: Research and how it has been used in practice
Keywords: Action Research, Coach Supervision, Executive Coach, Group Supervision in Australia.

Session on Wednesday, Jul 11th, 10:25
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What happens when older, experienced managers and executives move into contracting roles as Executive Coach/Mentor in a mid tier leadership consulting firm and participate in Group Supervision with a relatively inexperienced spervisor in Australia? This is a story, an exploration of a three year journey of group supervision from the perspective of the group’s supervisor.

Whilst Coaching Supervision is advocated by coaching associations throughout Europe as an effective means of supporting executive coaches in their continuing professional development it is a ‘slow burn’ in Australia and there is limited research from a growing number of Coach Supervisors. The aim of this action research is to explore the group coaching supervision process from the perspective of the Group Supervisor. The methodology used included the data gathered from the group supervision process, the supervisor’s reflections on her experience, including her exploration with her own supervisor, and how this has informed the groups evolution and the deepening of the practice of the supervisor over this period.


Lisa Baker is an Executive Coach, Supervisor and Facilitator with Kaleidoscope Consulting in Melbourne, Australia. With a career spanning over 26 years the first half of Lisa’s career was spent in Corporate organisations performing manager and executive roles in Strategic Human Resources and Organization Development. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Science and qualifications in Business, Human Resource Development, Coaching and professional Supervision. Lisa has worked with many of Australia’s top 100 companies including Telstra, IBM, and Westpac as well as government agencies, higher education institutions and not for profit organisations.

Lisa’s purpose and daily work is firmly based in her own philosophy, vision and values. ‘Both individuals and organisation’s must have commitment to purpose and courage to act.

She is only human and endeavours to bring warmth, energy, courage, expertise and professionalism to her work. She enjoys understanding what makes people tick, engaging others in mutually beneficial conversations and in building strong relationships.

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